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SEP. 2022 – Visit to Oceania

Australia meetings with UCI Vice-President & UCI Head of Legal Services

- Requested setting a cooperative relationship between UCI and DerbyWheel

- Discussed to include DerbyWheel Tour Competition on UCI’s Calendar

Australia: Anna Mears Velodrome

- The Track Cycle velodrome of 2032 Brisbane Summer Olympic Games

- Under discussion to use it as a main venue of DerbyWheel Races in Australia

Australia: TABCORP

- The Global Sports Bookmaker operated by Australian Public Organization

- The company operates 4,000 betting offices in Australia, and also covers New Zealand,

South Africa, and some regions in USA

- TAB agreed to deal DerbyWheel Content in their global network

New Zealand: Grassroots Trust Velodrome & Cycling New Zealand

- Agreed to utilize the velodrome as the main venue for DerbyWheel Races in New Zealand

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