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Race Categories / Race Manual

Races Categories

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Race Categories
Each DerbyWheel season will include the following race categories.

Exhibition Race

- Date : Apr 26~28, 2024

- Place : UK. Velodrome will be announced soon

- Participating Cyclists : Invited top 70 male and female DerbyWheel riders from around the world

- Competition format : 3 days tournament match with total US$700,000 prize money

Regular Race

- Every 2 weeks from June, 2024 

- Every week from October, 2024

- 3 days tournament per 1 Round(week) / 13~14 races per day / Total abt. 40 races per 1


Grand Prix Race

- 3 times a year – 1st half / 2nd half / Year end Grand Final

- World Keirin King of the King match with fantastic entertainment

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Race Manual



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1. Is It Necessary to participate in entire season?

It is not necessary to participate in every event. DW(DerbyWheel) players may be available to compete in all events during the annual season. You will participate in events that are available to you, and all players will be given as similar number of entries during the season if possible.


2. Will there be competitions where I have a chance to make the A final?

There will be different classes of regular races offering each class a higher earning potential, there will also be mixed class events. The format will change to best suit each event.


3. How will selection take place for each race?

The aim is for all registered riders to get an even number of races throughout the 2024 season. We will run a minimum of 26 events. It may be that some riders get a lot of races early in the season and less in the second half as riders in the Olympic cycle have more availability in the second half of the year. We will provide a rider selection document to show how we will select riders for the season. 


4. How many events can I expect in 2024 season?

This should be around 10+ events depending on your availability, how big the rider pool is and number of races per event/number of riders at each event for the 2024 season.


5. Am I obligated to take part if I complete the rider registration?

There is no obligation on registration this allows us to share any info regarding induction dates and calendar for 2024


6. Will I be able to take part in the exhibition event on 30thNov – 2ndDec at London lee Valley Velodrome?

This is an Invitational event determined by DW among the players in a special class (including current keirin players in Korea and Japan) who have passed the DW player induction process.


7. Will there be gear restriction? 

There will be a gear restriction for all DW races (TBC)


8. Is the prize money per race or for the entire season?

The prize money shown in the race manual is for exhibition race and races that include S class riders for regular races per three day race. Exclusive lower class races will have a lower total percentage prize pot but provide a higher earning potential for this class of riders, this will be published in the rider workbook 


9. Will I have to do the induction process? 

An Induction process is necessary for rider classification, education and to gain your DW licence that will enable you to participate. This process will be either longer or shorter depending on your experience from one week to 1 day.


10. Do I need a DW bike too complete the induction process?

No, you can use your current frame too complete the induction process.


11. Will you help me order the standardised equipment?

We have a relationship with suppliers and have discounts on retail prices on many items on the equipment list. Once you have undergone the induction process you will be able to order your DW frame and equipment.

12. How is it possible to compete against the top riders?

Riders will fall into one of the 3 classes and 9 levels.  Each race consists of riders of the same class to keep the competition as close as possible. Minimum standards by class are posted on the race manual.

13. How is the prize money sustainable?

In Japan and Korea the betting is restricted to the regions and generates 10 billion dollars annually, DW has partnerships with multiple international bookmakers to make this a truly global Keirin series. 

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