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Our Vision


DerbyWheel is a new global Pro Keirin Racing sports event focusing on globalizing historic Professional Keirin Track Cycle Racing which currently is organized largely as a closed domestic enterprise in Japan and Korea.

DerbyWheel ’s intent, mission and goal is to create an open Professional Keirin League with equal accessibility available for the entire cycling family providing benefits to riders, venues and other stakeholders across the globe.

Our vision is to establish an annual calendar hosting DerbyWheel events each week across multiple territories which will be distributed as sports betting content to legitimate bookmakers across the world.

Benefits of DerbyWheel


DerbyWheel will provide a new foundation to the track cycling ecosystem that will help make the economic model of the sport more sustainable and facilitate growth. Benefits will include;

・Riders - DerbyWheel events will provide significant additional earning potential

    for riders at all levels making the sport sustainable for existing riders and

    providing a pathway for new riders to enter the sport.

・Talent Development - DerbyWheel will provide a pathway to develop riders

    through the creation of Keirin academies. We will work with Federations to

    complement their existing talent development  programs.

・Venue Utilization - DerbyWheel events will utilize velodromes across the globe

    providing important sources of revenue and content.

​・Charitable Initiatives - DerbyWheel will invest in charitable and community

    initiatives to create a positive impact.



Cycling as a sport is divided into track, road, and mountain, and forms a strong fan base globally, and hundreds of indoor and outdoor velodromes have been built around the world.

However, most of the world's cyclists are struggling with their livelihoods and an uncertain future, and the velodromes have difficulty even to cover their maintenance costs, leaving them vacant for most of the year without major events.

On the other hand, in Korea and Japan, a professional Keirin Cycle racing exists where cyclists, even at the ages of 40 to 50, participate in the races and receive significant prize money annually(with earning potential up to US$ 1million), and Velodromes are also generating profits by hosting Pro Keirin races every week.

That is possible because betting in Pro Keirin is legalized by government law or an authority in Korea and Japan. Japanese Keirin with 75 years of history generates about US$ 10 billion revenue annually. Korean Keirin with 27 years of history generates about US$ 2 billion annually. This revenue is generated solely from domestic betting in Japan and Korea.


DerbyWheel will globalize the Japanese and Korean Professional Keirin business model by distributing race content to the international legalized sports betting market.


Fundamentally the genesis of DerbyWheel came from the goal to contribute to the welfare and better future for cyclists and utilization of velodromes around the world by sharing the profit generated from its global operation.


The Foundation of DerbyWheel's Success

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We believe that the key components exist to ensure the success of DerbyWheel;

Successful Precedent

With 75 years and almost 30 years’ experience respectively in Japan and Korea, Keirin Cycle Racing has proven to be an ideal and successful Pari-Mutual business model.

Deep pool of Athletes

Extensive global athlete base as an Olympic Sport - Track, Road, Mountain.

Thousands of Keirin Cyclists in Japan, Korea, plus potential to develop new talent through Keirin Academies.

An abundance of velodromes to organize DerbyWheel Events

More than 80 Indoor Velodromes in 37 countries around the world including Olympic Venues in Australia, China, Japan, USA, and Great Britain, etc with desire to host global cycle events like DerbyWheel for their benefit.

Proven, Established perfected System  

Time tested accumulated know-how in every respect of Pro Keirin Racing with betting has been developed into a perfected manual of Keirin Cycle Racing as an ideal model of Pari-mutual betting.

Extensive Global Fan Base

The estimated global cycling fan base consists of over 1 billion people. DerbyWheel will engage the world’s cycling fans to create the global market.

Growing Sports Betting market & Meeting its Needs

US$ 2 trillion market volume in 2022. As online betting becomes mainstream,

DerbyWheel will be a rising blue chip in the Global Online Sport Betting market.


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