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As of December 2022

We have been exchanging emails with the UCI requesting approval for the “Derby Wheel London Tour Competition”. A detailed Operational plan has been sent to the UCI and additional information has been requested. We will provide the information requested. We have been notified by UCI’s Head of Legal Services that UCI approval for DerbyWheel will be decided at the UCI Management Committee to be held on February 1-3, 2023. The Derby Wheel London Tour competition is scheduled to be held in late August 2023, and when approved by the UCI, all the details of the Competition will be officially announced.

A Cycle to be used for the DerbyWheel Competition was commissioned with a manufacturing company operating in four countries around the world and delivered as the Cycle test product.

When the UCI’s approval for the “DerbyWheel London Tour Competition” is made in early February 2023, Keirin players from 4 to 5 different countries from around the world will be invited to Korea for a Test Run with the commissioned Cycle, and based on the results of the Test Run, the Cycle to be used in the DerbyWheel Competition will be decided.


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