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MAY. 2022 – Visit to North America (USA, Mexico)

USA : LA Velo Sports Center & US Cycling

- The Track Cycle Velodrome for 2028 LA Summer Olympic

- Utilize the velodrome as the main venue for DerbyWheel Races in USA

USA: United Tote

- One of the biggest Totalizer Companies in the world, the brother company of Churchill Downs, the operator of the famous Kentucky Derby

-Agreed to cooperate with DerbyWheel

Mexico: AguasCalientes Velodrome

- Agreed to use regularly as the velodrome for DerbyWheel Races in Mexico

- Will be served as a hub for Middle & South America Track cyclists to join DerbyWheel

Mexico: Caliente Sports Bookmaker

- The biggest Sports Bookmaker representing Middle & South America

- Agreed to put DerbyWheel race content on its Sports Book network


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