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Growing Market / DerbyWheel’s Competitiveness / Global Dealers


Growing Sports Betting Market around the world

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“The legalized Sport Betting is a part of the Sport”  (Thomas Bach / IOC President)

“Online Sports Betting market will grow annually 40% in next 10 years” (Goldman Sachs)

  “The estimated overall market volume of Sport Betting is US$ 2 trillion in 2022” (Sportradar)  

Competitiveness of DerbyWheel as a Global Betting Contens

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DerbyWheel has strong competitiveness
as a Global Sports Betting Content 

DerbyWheel -

1) Enlists a pool of cyclists from all over the world who have excelled in various major

     international cycling events, including the Olympics, enabling DerbyWheel to     

     compose each match with new combinations of players and nationalities.

2) DerbyWheel Races are held 3 days in every week with about 40 races in a week,

     which makes about 160 races in a month, and 1,920 Races in anyear.

     DerbyWheel Pro Keirin Racing is an emerging blue chip in the global Sports Betting

     Market, equipped with quality, volume, consistency, and integrity.

3) Because it is a racing competition like horse racing, it can provide customers with a

     variety of betting combinations that go beyond simple win-lose predictions. Like

     horse racing there is real betting turnover with DerbyWheel.

4) The average racing time for one DerbyWheel Race is about 3~4 minutes, the result

     of the Race is decided clearly and decisively in a short time.

5) All races are held jointly with an authorized National Cycle Federation or other

     internationally trusted cycle organization, and furthermore Sportradar, the globally

     trusted Integrity service organization, watches and monitors all DerbyWheel races

     to provide customers with confidence of the fairness and reliability of DerbyWheel

     race results.

6) DerbyWheel Races are fun and exciting to watch, and the participating athletes are

     globally distributed by nationality, which increase the number of customers

     participating in the betting globally.

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DerbyWheel Content Dealers

Bookmakers interested in dealing DerbyWheel Content,

please contact or  

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