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DerbyWheel Players

DerbyWheel Players


Supply of Derbywheel Players

Active professional Keirin cyclists from Korea and Japan, and the cyclists who have participated in Track Cycle Racing in Olympic and International Competitions will be the 1st group.

Pro cyclists around the world and the cyclists from other disciplines such as Road and Mountain also can be DerbyWheel player if they pass the qualification Test after some period of training.

The entire player pool will be set globally and broadly, the DerbyWheel player selection criteria will be accurately set and only the cyclists who meet the criteria will be registered as DerbyWheel players.

Education, training, and licensing of DerbyWheel Players

DerbyWheel Inc, together with an internationally authorized Cycle Sport Organization, will educate and train the prospective cyclists from all over the world. Then they will determine the grade and issue the final license.

Both DerbyWheel velodromes for Tour and Regular racing will be also used for players’ education and training.

Operation of DerbyWheel Players

 Among the DerbyWheel registered players, the list of participating players for each DerbyWheel Tour and Regular race will be confirmed and announced in advance so that they are fully prepared.

Participating players for each DerbyWheel race are decided according to the location of venue, player classification, number of appearances, and other competition management standards set by the manual.


The grades among all DerbyWheel registered players are divided into 3~5 separate grades and all DerbyWheel races are conducted only within the same gender and same grade.

Each DerbyWheel Players grade will be determined through the results of actual tests conducted in the DerbyWheel Training Center and will be re-rated periodically based on his/her accumulated results of actual DerbyWheel races.

Maintaining the racing level of players to be not much different within a same grade results in every DerbyWheel match, regardless of its grade, being an exciting and close game so that the audience cannot easily predict the winners.

After each DerbyWheel race, every participated player is evaluated, the results are examined and used as an indicator for future player evaluation, grade assignment and management.

Provide retiring DerbyWheel players with technical or administrative jobs within the DerbyWheel Organization in order to make use of their experience and inspire loyalty toward DerbyWheel.

How I can be a DerbyWheel Player

Dear Prospective DerbyWheel players, Please review the below “DerbyWheel Player Qualification Overview” and send us the “DerbyWheel Player Application” if you want to be a DerbyWheel Player.

도로 자전거의 그룹

DerbyWheel Player Qualification Overview

자전거 타기

How can I be a DerbyWheel Player?

  • DerbyWheel Inc will evaluate the documents requested from each applicant and will then notify the applicants if they are selected or not to go next round, which is the DerbyWheel Practical Tests.

  • The applicants who have been selected following examination of documents can apply to participate in the Practical Tests. The Practical Tests will be conducted at one of the DerbyWheel Training Centers that the applicant designates. The contents of the Practical Tests will be clearly outlined in detail to the applicant in advance.  The applicants who have a passing score on the Practical Tests are qualified to enter into the DerbyWheel Training Center as a candidate/trainee to be a DerbyWheel Player.

  • DerbyWheel Inc only accepts candidate/trainees that are judged to be eligible as a DerbyWheel Player thru successful completion of the education and training at a DerbyWheel Training Center. The DerbyWheel Training Center’s education and training content will be clearly outlined in detail to the candidate/trainee in advance. The education and training content is based on the purpose and direction of the race that DerbyWheel pursues which is that each and every DerbyWheel race is conducted with complete fairness in every aspect.

  • The education and training program and its completion period at the training center is basically set at a minimum of 3 weeks to a maximum of 3 months.  DerbyWheel Inc reserves the right to accept any candidate/trainee as a DerbyWheel player and issue a formal DerbyWheel Player license at any point during the training period when he or she is judged to be eligible to be DerbyWheel Player in every respect of mental, physical and skills preparedness.  All candidate/trainees who have not completed the required processes within the specified time period will be dismissed.

  • The applicant is responsible for 100% of their expenses associated with the practical tests.  After passing the practical test, and becoming a candidate/trainee, DerbyWheel Inc. will provide accommodations and meals for no cost to the candidate/trainee while attending a DerbyWheel Training Center. However, the candidate/trainee is responsible for his or her air and or ground travel expenses to a DerbyWheel Training Center. For the candidate/trainees who receives a DerbyWheel Player license after successfully completing the training process, DerbyWheel Inc will fully pay for all the expenses for him/her to participate in any of the DerbyWheel races independent of the prize money.


  • The active Keirin cyclists in Japan and Korea, unless special problems are found, can qualify for the DerbyWheel Player license after completing the basic education and training regarding judgement standard, player’s obligation, etc. plus after demonstrating proficiency on both the 250m and 333m tracks thru enough practical practice based on the DerbyWheel’s racing manual.

  • All of the qualified and licensed DerbyWheel Players’ level of racing classification will be determined when he or she is registered as a DerbyWheel Player after successfully completing all the required processes at the DerbyWheel Training Center, based on his/her prior performance as a cyclist and accumulated results at the DerbyWheel Training Center.

The Right and Responsibility of a DerbyWheel Player

  • A certified DerbyWheel Player can participate in all the races organized by DerbyWheel Inc, and receive all the costs, roundtrip airfare, accommodations, and miscellaneous expenses to participate in DerbyWheel races as well as the prize money, determined by the Player’s race result in his/her classified level.

    - The amount of the prize money according to the level classification will be published.

  • A DerbyWheel Player can participate in both DerbyWheel Tour and the Regular Race, and all the other professional keirin competitions organized by DerbyWheel Inc, and his/her participating schedule will be mutually discussed, but finally decided by DerbyWheel Inc. 

    - Details for the number of Tour and Regular races that a DerbyWheel Player can participate in a year, and the composition of Tour and Regular DerbyWheel Races, total number of DerbyWheel Players by classification, the competing velodromes, etc will be informed separately 

  •  A DerbyWheel Player should follow all the polices set by DerbyWheel Inc, and extra testing by DerbyWheel Inc, when needed.

Q & A

Q : The period of validity of a DerbyWheel Player’s Certification?

A : 2 years. And will be extended another 2 years thru verification and re-registration if not applied to any of compulsory retirement clauses set by the published DerbyWheel Principles

Q : What are the racing rules of DerbyWheel? Olympic rules or Korea Keirin rules?

A : Both. 

DerbyWheel 2506 - 6 players’ per race tournament type race on the 250m track is based on the Olympic Keirin rules.

DerbyWheel 3337 – 7 players’ per race tournament type race on the 333m track is based on

the Korea Keirin rules.

Q : Which type of cycle is used in DerbyWheel Race?

A: Basically, a carbon frame cycle. The detailed specification of the cycle used for DerbyWheel race will be decided and announced at the proper time. One thing for sure is that all the DerbyWheel players around the world will use the same cycle based upon the detailed specifications which are  finally decided on as the DerbyWheel Cycle.   

Q : What is the difference between a DerbyWheel Tour and a Regular Race?

A: Tour – Total number of DerbyWheel Tour stops for 2023 and 2024 is targeted for 18 times 

in each year. And in a Tour, , a total of about 70 players(250m Track)~80players(333m Track)
compete in tournament methods to decide the final ranking of each player over a period of 3 days.

Regular Race – Separate from the Tour schedule, it is regularly conducted on 250m track velodromes and 333m track velodromes around world. The Velodromes for DerbyWheel Regular Races and the Racing schedule for each Velodrome will be announced whenever set. 

Q: What is the Education, Training and final test contents to be registered as a DerbyWheel Player at the DerbyWheel Training Center?

A: Complete knowledge of DerbyWheel Racing Rules, Referee Judgement Standards, and numerous actual keirin races to train and classify each player’s level.   

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